2 poems by Andrei Dośa

All texts were translated from Andrei Dośa, Nada, Pandora Publishing, 2015, pp. 11, 21, 34

Traducător: Florin Buzdugan
Sursa: vol. de poezie sus-menționat

Lectură plăcută.


passive voice

attacked from everywhere
by sexuality and its representatives
friendship and its representatives
paternity & co.

if you were to be left alone
if there were quiet only passivity
would persist like a migration
suddenly left without a migrating mass

the hunch that for a while
the brain survives with permutations
of sentences endlessly repeated

the certainty that through who knows what sublimation process
this love that appears to you at every step
under the most diverse of forms
will give birth to self initiatives

you can’t raise the answer to stimuli
at the ranks of a daring action even if this is the trend
and in a not so distant future
wreaths of flowers will be laid daily
at the monument of the unknown hedonist

information will swirl for some time in the head roller-coaster
labyrinth of mirrors and boxing machines
for a moment you’ll see the target and you’ll aim at it
but the big prize is nothing else
but a toy duck

it’s still struggling

the morning

the children drew on the asphalt
giants climbing blossoming hills
with big fish in their arms

and all around they drew themselves
hearts with eyes and a mouth arms and legs

a hopscotch
so that light can fall there like a penny

from 9 ’till 5

I left the movie on repeat
falling objects pass through the frame
a hand tries to catch them
and fails


flashes on the rooftop of a block
no source no subject

the flesh tic-tac a couple of times
in some other flesh
try to remember –
your vital element was not

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