1 poem by Vlad Drăgoi

Prezentare: născut în ’87 la Codlea (Brașov), autorul debutează în 2009 la editura Lumen din Iași cu volumul „Istoria artelor sau memoriile unui veleitar incognito”. Urmează, în 2013, volumul „Metode” publicat la Casa de Editură Max Blecher (din Bistrița) și, după doar doi ani, „Eschiva” (Editura Cartea Românească, București).
Lectură plăcută

Traducător: Florin Buzdugan
Sursa: sergio leone, ed. Charmides, 2017


something happened to me some time ago which now came
back to my mind with a new meaning: I went
with an ex-girlfriend to flanco, I think, to buy herself
a dvd player with an usb, she had some money left after a small trip to budapest, where we
went exactly after my birthday, and what to say about her, god
bless her and all her activity for 2 reasons, 1 – she’s a serious girl and
street-wise, unlike me, I just buzz and write poems,
and 2 – her name’s just like my mother’s, aspect which I consider
sacred. and there we were in flanco and we had chosen
the device, which we wanted to test at the
test bench, to make sure that it works and that we won’t
be fooled. and who could we test it, well with a movie, and I was
already ready, being at all times, at least seemingly,
the tech guy, so I had a memory stick with me
with some movies, among them
2001 a space odyssey, then I liked
this kind of movies, long and lilting. the guys from flanco
began doing their job, meaning that they took out the player
from the box, connected it to a TV, inserted the stick
and played from the menu 2001, which alphabetically was
the first of the movies which only began with letters. and the screen went blank, which
we thought normal, for every movie has a generic
with logos and introductions that start on black, only that
this time the blank screen took longer and longe,
tens of seconds, then a minute, and we started
wondering, to become unsettled, especially me, who
when something goes wrong, I panic and wring
my hands like a woman, although I try to wear the mask
of the calm one. and in the end it was that the movie
2001 which I downloaded from then net had at the beginning an
overture like that which old movies still
have, meaning a piece of symphonic music put on
a static image background, usually a black background, and
precisely a black background had too 2001, only that I
had forgotten this when I downloaded it from the net and
saw it, so here we are a handful of grown-up people, white
and christians, gathered around a portable dvd player and potentially
defected and some in awe and some upset asking why
doesn’t the movie start, and at least if we would’ve heard the overture
music, but the sound was turned down or
muted from the TV, because we didn’t hear anything. and what’s the
new meaning which I said that I found
when reminiscing this once again? well when it happened
I stressed blatantly, as man does
when a scheme with money and products doesn’t work out, but
now I’m glad to be able to say that beside the evident comedy
of this absurd fact it was something tender and
disarmingly human in all this scene: take the guys from
flanco probably pissed off themselves on the inside, but
professional and helping on the outside, as it’s normal
in a society in which the rules of good behavior
still apply and we don’t hit the other in the head when we want to, as in the hour
of the wolf by Michael haneke, shot in 2002. here we are
the two us, me and the girl who’s named just like my mother, with her eyes wide open at our elongated reflections
by the gray convex screen, she in I think a red
and long coat, because it was still cold, me in I don’t even remember what,
both of us tacitly knowing that our relationship won’t last any longer, but still do-
ing small things, as well keeping of of the mind
from day to day, taking care as much as we can not to hit
our souls yet, to dally with some tact the evil
that will nonetheless arise later, but not now,
not now, now let’s take, look see, a dvd playe with an usb,
on which to play movies, series, music and
other media goodies that we can enjoy every day
for free, and for which we less than often we think to
thank for. and look the rest of the folk outside of the shop,
the parking lot which will always belong to the cars and
the drivers who look angrily at you when you try to
cross the street wherever you can, look the fir and oak tree forests
nearby, around brașov and săcele, where a
leaf has midrib and asperities like not another has,
so how can you get bored, look the clouds above,
look the planet and the universe, which I like to think
that has true, matchless treasures, which
are safer and more magical there
in the unknown expanses instead of being here, next to the tiny us.
and look look look this world where we were in flanco
playing shopping, but sad on the inside, me and with a
girl. but what importance does it have now, when on earth you don’t
have what to do with so much but stay if possible
with the guys around a fire and be careful not to get
too much of the airs and frills.

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