four poems by sorin despoT

sorin despoT is a Romanian poet whose latest poetry book (terms | conditions) dwells on the interplay of social normativity (or social reaction against this set of normativity) and poetic feeling. his greatest asset is the skill with which he puts the words in the text. scarcity for maximum effect.
the following texts were translated with his approval. we hope you will enjoy

Traducător: Florin Buzdugan
Sursa: termeni | condiții, Casa de Editură Max Blecher, Bistrița, 2016

N.B.: pentru că textele 3, 4 sunt mai mari și au o anumită așezare în pagină, am fotografiat textele respective. ele pot fi văzute aici, aici și aici din nou.
de asemenea, pentru cei doritori, există și un interviu cu sorin despoT, pe care-l recomandăm spre lecturare. așadar, lectură plăcută.


what a dazzled face

you had just created an eye between my cheek and my clavicle.
not a sound on this side of the window; on the other side,
the sweet waggle of the chestnut-trees in the exhaust emissions cruse.

the scale of your shoulders, a bit inclined over the window sill,
an idea of coffee, a sigh of tobacco, a relic of a line.
in replica, a tintinnabulation with a smile, a vigorous smacker on the cheek.

the rime of poetry in the bedding
whips the little threads of light
sneaked through the curtains.

(ce fățucă de năucă

abia ce-mi făcuși ochi între obraz și claviculă.
nici un sunet dincoace de fereastră; dincolo,
legănatul blînd al castanilor în ulcica de noxe.

balanța umerilor tăi, ușor înclinată deasupra pervazului,
o idee de cafea, un suspin de tutun, o urmă de replică.
în replică, un clinchet cu zîmbet, o ventuză vîrtoasă pe obraz.

bruma de poezie din așternuturi
biciuiește firișoarele de lumină
furișate printre draperii.)

good morning

love the useless mornings, love the
following morning, dâmbovița, love the
linden tree flowers and the yet still discreet exhaust.

good morning, curb and trashcan,
good morning, trifle shop,
good morning, beggar with and without a violin,

reverences, tramway shelter,
transparent casserole of shads,
farewell, conservatives and antagonists,
sweaty sandwich in your aluminum covering.

(bună dimineața

iubește diminețile fără folos, iubește
dimineața următoare, dîmbovița, iubește
florile de tei și eșapamentul încă discret.

bună dimineața, bordură și tomberon,
bună dimineața, magazin de mizilicuri,
bună dimineața, cerșetor cu și fără vioară,

plecăciuni, refugiu de tramvai,
transparentă caserolă de scrumbii,
bun rămas, conservatori și antagoniști,
sendviș transpirat în folia de aluminiu.)

bucharest blues | mixed apocalypse

saint symphony of engines on the metropolitan boulevards, you,
great gong of rush hour, esteemed plumb from the façades and
bed sheets.

the traffic lights are fizzling under the seasons’ aggression, in the
folk songs or the blind, we synchronized jump the hopscotch on the zebra crossing.

beyond the dâmbovița the metronome lustfully throbs;
only the unframed hemisphere of the city can hear it, it is alive.

I open my eyes as big as my fists. on the windows, squashed little noses;
carpathian bear cubs gazing at the pollywogs. you,

wave of a fine perfume on the steps of the athenaeum, you, abject pub, you,
stainless steel rockets wedged in the disposal site, grey sky of

it is said that a death with a tasted of carbide is upon us. it is said that
it will leave behind it a sterile screech. there will be no one to endure,

there will not be.

samples of involuntary poetry swabbed from the foreword of ștefan stănciugelu
at anti-manipulation manual | techniques and cases (c.h. beck, 2012)

we all –
as individuals, as members
of groups, of the community –

are vulnerable

in the face of pathological communication schemes whose purpose
is to generate obedience, social conformism.


the vulnerabilities of the human brain,
the means of misleading the attention
through manipulation of ideas, opinions,
definitions, feelings, images,
beliefs and convictions.


as it will be demonstrated. in other words, we will try
to avoid that kind of a decreed upon rigid and pretentious


and in which, not seemingly, the methodology vamps
the content of research and thus it becomes a means of purpose in itself,
our research behavior being often centered
on such procedural objectives and less on ideas or
hypotheses liberated from the quantofrenic of rigid
and which pertain to the sociological imagination
necessary for any research process.

the content of influences: urge to non-conformation.

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